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Fondation EURACTIV

Who we are

The Think-and-do-tank for healthy media in Europe

Fondation EURACTIV is a think-and-do-tank dedicated to fostering a healthy media community in Europe. It was set up in 2004 as a ‘Fondation d’Utilité Publique’ under Belgian law.

Our goals

We aim in particular to:

In turn, this will contribute to a healthy democracy and the emergence of a European public sphere. This requires also innovation for the media sector. Fondation EURACTIV seeks to contribute to this need, notably by thinking what a strong EU media strategy should look like.

What we do

A think-tank is a policy unit researching and promoting innovative policy solutions. Conversely, a “think-and-do tank” is by nature less academic as it also includes activities seeking to prototype its analyses and recommendations. In addition, it acts directly on the policy environment through concrete interventions.

As such, we

Our values

EURACTIV Media Network is a separate organisation which coordinates the news media in 13 languages. However, it inspired Fondation EURACTIV with whom it shares the same offices, values and founder.