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About us

Think-and-do–tank dedicated to fostering a healthy media sector in Europe

Media sustainability | Executive training | Media policy

What makes us unique is that we work as a hub and convener at the intersection of legacy media, Europe, and democracy. We provide analysis, facilitate a dialogue between media professionals and the EU and implement projects that have a positive effect on the sector’s ability to innovate and be sustainable across venues. This in turn fosters a healthy democracy and the emergence of a European public sphere. We are established as a Belgian not-for-profit organisation.
The media sector in Europe is in need of creative forms of medicine that help boost its health alongside subsidies, regulations and policies. Fondation EURACTIV connects with EU policy makers and reflects on with them on the media sector’s needs and tech trends; leverages what opportunities the EU offers through unique knowledge of the EU policy-making process and the media ecosystem; builds partnerships and experiments sustainable projects.


Our team

Stephen Boucher, Managing Director

Until recently, he was CEO of consoGlobe.com, France’s largest online media on sustainable lifestyles. He also currently teaches on policy innovation, civic tech and political influence. He was Director for European policy at the European Climate Foundation (ECF). Before, he co-directed the Jacques Delors Institute.

+32 (0)4 93 123 718, stephen.boucher@euractiv.com

Christophe Leclercq, Chairman

Founder of EURACTIV media network and chair of Fondation EURACTIV, plus adviser and commentator, former DG competition official and McKinsey consultant, he speaks and comments in EN, FR, DE about public affairs, media policy and languages (@LeclercqEU).


Nathalie Bargues, Communications Executive

Currently in charge of communications and events organisation. Previously, as Projects Officer at ALDA she worked on implementing projects focused on Youth and entrepreneurship in the Balkans.

+32 (0)2 788 36 68, nathalie.bargues@euractiv.com

Sharon Candela, Projects Assistant

Graduate in IR from ULB, has recently joined Foundation EURACTIV’s team as Projects Assistant. Previously, as an intern at the Italian Trade Agency, she conducted sector research in the field of consumer goods and EU affairs.

+32 (0)2 788 36 80, sharon.candela@euractiv.com

Thierry Leroy, Treasurer

Public Projects Finance Director at EURACTIV, has a vast experience in financial management gained as Treasurer of Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe. Since 2007 he has been Treasurer of Fondation EURACTIV.

+32 (0)2 226 58 27, tresorier@fondationeuractiv.be

Julian Oliver, Board Member

As a Board Member of Fondation EURACTIV, he shares his experience of EU affairs and mentors the other team members. He promotes the efficiency and transparency of the community of European actors.

+32 (0)2 788 36 68, julian.oliver@euractiv.com


Our governance

Fondation EURACTIV is guided by an Orientation Committee and an Advisory Council composed of some 50 trusted media & policy experts, and by a smaller board of ten members, the majority of which are non-executive directors who are otherwise unrelated to EURACTIV the media.

• 9 Board Members: list as of October 2018

• 51 Advisory Council members: list as of October 2018 

• 26 Orientation Committee members: list as of October 2018

Board members

Bart Becks, EURACTIV Executive Chairman
Ramona Coman, ULB
Caroline Jenner, CEO JA Europe
Cristophe Leclercq, Founder of EURACTIV
Sharon Leclercq-Spooner, EPPA
David Mekkaoui, CEO EURACTIV
Julian Oliver, Fondation EURACTIV
Caroline Pauwels, VUB
Max Von Abendroth, Dafne


Our diversified funding

Fondation EURACTIV has two main sources of income:

  1. Funds awarded by grant-making organisations, for instance Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), and the Robert Bosch Foundation. In addition, we have received public grants from the EU institutions for communication and demonstration projects, for instance “EU Community” (EurActory & PolicyLine), “Open Discovery Space”, “Citadel on the Move” and STYLE.
  2. Payments (for services provided) by media organisations, notably members of the EURACTIV Network and EURACTIV.com.

The main costs include salaries and associated charges, rent, depreciation and utility charges, communications and other routine office administration expenses. The complete annual accounts of Fondation EURACTIV are filed with the Belgian Central Bank, as required under Fondation EURACTIV statutes (2016 Annual Accounts: summary since 2009).