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March Newsletter | Health matters: a coronavirus plan for the media
Category: Press freedom
26 Mar

March Newsletter | Health matters: a coronavirus plan for the media

Health matters: a Coronavirus Plan for the Media First, best wishes to all readers, for their personal and economic health! Indeed, economic too. Crises are times to reconsider priorities and innovate faster. The Coronavirus emergency is a wake-up call for our democracies and the media sector. Indeed, disinformation is spreading – making the pandemic also..

04 Mar

February Newsletter: What is in the EU digital strategy for the media ecosystem?

What is in the EU digital strategy for the media ecosystem? The EU’s digital strategy was presented on February 19, just days after Facebook’s founder visited Brussels. He proved to be open to platform regulation and suggested a regulatory category between telecommunications infrastructure and media. A proposal to be deepened, as stakeholders and us suggested in our Open Letter “Trusted Media and..

29 Jan

January Newsletter | Steps towards a better media ecosystem

Dear reader, After setting itself “top 6” priorities, including democracy and digital, the European Commission led by Ursula von der Leyen now gets to grips with coordinating media-related policies. In line with our Op-Ed “Cooperation of four key Commissioner needed for healthy media, democracy”, we welcome the setup of a dedicated media project group of Commissioners...

27 Nov

November 2019 Newsletter | ‘Systemic Publishing Platforms’ & Trust and Stars4Media

Dear reader, Media4Europe newsletter – This is still Fondation EURACTIV’s newsletter, but rebranded Media4Europe for the coming year, given the name of the launching event on November 19th, and the final event in September 2020, for the new programme Stars4media. New concepts, new battles, new projects…the end of 2019 is mirroring the rest of this exciting..

01 Jul

June Newsletter | After new MEPs election: creating a Media Intergroup

Dear  Friend, There will be no summer break for European policy-makers until decisions are made about EU top jobs and coalitions are formed. The European Parliament has already suffered a setback as the Spitzenkandidaten process has been trampled by heads of states. This has triggered an OpEd by Christophe Leclercq, founder of EURACTIV Media Network, calling MEPs to..