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Media Policy: Europe’s Media Lab

#Media4Democracy process: sound platforms & independent media

We are developing a series of events designed to enrich the conversation on the media sector’s needs at EU level among media professionals, media stakeholders and policy makers. Following our last events with key policy makers and media stakeholders, we are supporting a Democracy Package for healthy democracies and media in Europe.

Our aim: Europe has a key role to play in ensuring the right ecosystem for a healthy media sector, notably: building a level playing field with online platforms, safeguarding the right to expression, allowing favourable taxation for the media, as well as other direct and indirect measures. Europe’s media sector is facing unprecedented challenges today. For this reason, the credibility and viability of quality journalism, and the sustainability of the media sector as a whole are at stake.

Recent Events

> Policy Forum – 25/06/2019

On June 25th, the policy conference ”#Media4Democracy: A ‘VP Democracy’ for Sound Platforms & Independent Media” involved 10 speakers representing the EU institutions, the media sector, as well as associations and think-tanks (programme) and gathered 70 participants: policy makers, EU institutions, civil society and media stakeholders. The #Media4Democracy events were supported by EU40, EFJ, Civico Europa, EMMA, News Media Europe, Re-Imagine Europa and were sponsored by Equinor.

> Networking event for MEPs – 04/06/2019

On June 4th, in cooperation with EU40 and Frank Schwalba-Hoth, we organised a networking event for MEPs: #MEDIA4DEMOCRACY at the European Parliament (programme). The aim of this event was to raise awareness on the central strategic role media policy will play in the new Parliament.

Read here the Press Release: #Media4Democracy networking event for MEPs and watch the video of the event below:



> Preparing a Media Intergroup in the European Parliament

In July 2019, in cooperation with the European Federation of Journalists and EU40, we co-organised an informal breakfast meeting with 26 MEPs assistants and group/committees advisors to facilitate the creation of a Media Intergroup in the European Parliament. This initiative is supported by MEPs from the 4 main groups (EPP, S&D, Renew Europe and Greens/EFA). It is time to tackle the challenges of the media sector: economic viability, disinformation, press freedom, media and platforms regulation, cross-border investments.

In October 2019, Fondation EURACTIV took part in the Media Intergroup MEP breakfast meeting in Strasbourg with 15 MEPs from different political groups and committees that are leading the process.

Catch up with our latest news and read the Open Letter to the Commission President von der Leyen, co-signed by five MEPs and former MEPs, and nine policy and media experts: Democracy and Digital: trusted media & platform regulation.