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Media Policy: Europe’s Media Lab

Europe’s Media Lab is a series of events designed to enrich the conversation on the sector’s needs at EU level. It considers issues from various angles and involves multiple audiences, such as foundations, francophone media, European Parliament, etc.


The initiative will eventually culminate in an event in the European Parliament in June 2019. It will be a one-day space for bridging MEPs and media stakeholders, around a “market of ideas” and a “Policy Hackathon”. This will bring a subset of key issues to the attention of the new MEPs, with the final goals of producing a roadmap for the media sector.

Our aim

The aim of this project is to foster a healthy media sector contributing to European democracy.

Europe has a key role to play in ensuring the right ecosystem for a healthy media sector. An action plan should include innovative solutions aimed, above all, at evening out the playing field with social platforms. Moreover, the EU should take action to safeguard the right to expression, allow favourable taxation for the media, as well as other direct and indirect measures.

  • In June 2019, a new European Commission and Parliament will be in place.
  • Europe’s media sector is facing unprecedented challenges. The credibility and viability of quality journalism, and the sustainability of the media sector as a whole are at stake.


What it’s about

Europe’s Media Lab is the culmination of the previous events and, therefore, builds on their recommendations. More specifically, it will be a one-day space for consideration of what Europe can do to ensure a vibrant European media sector, in 3 steps:

  1. LEARN ABOUT EUROPE’S MEDIA CHALLENGES: review of national and EU challenges and measures, compared to other efforts worldwide;
  2. MEET THE ACTORS & SOLUTIONS: a speed-dating event and “market of ideas” allowing MEPs to meet the media policy actors that count;
  3. DESIGN EUROPE’S RESPONSE: a “Policy Hackathon” to produce a roadmap for the media sector around a subset of key issues.

Would you like to know more about our suggestions on a “European strategy for the media sector 2019-2024“? If so, catch up with our latest news and read the Open Letter to President Juncker, co-signed personally by six MEPs and six independent media experts.


Who, how, when, where

  • This day will be in support to new and re-elected MEPs, briefing them and thinking with them. 
  • A number of industry representatives, academics and civil society groups will also contribute to this initiative.
  • 1st half of June 2019
  • In the European Parliament