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Open Letter to the Commission President von der Leyen, co-signed by five MEPs and former MEPs, and nine policy and media experts: Democracy and Digital: trusted media & platform regulation – Democratic debates require trusted information, less economic pressure on media, and more policy pressure on platforms. Supporting citizens’ choices, three concepts will help the von der Leyen Commission: ‘co-regulation’, ‘trust indicators’, ‘systemic publishing platforms’.”

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Newsletter: Stars4Media. Platform regulation, Innovation & policies for 2020

Dear reader, Innovation. This is the word we would like you to include in your New Year’s Resolutions. Stars4Media, our flagship project for 2020, will offer plenty of opportunities to put it into action, starting now. If you know a young media professional, he/she can already express their interest, or submit an application. 2020 will..

Media4Europe Newsletter: ‘Systemic Publishing Platforms’ & Trust and Stars4Media

Dear reader, Media4Europe newsletter – This is still Fondation EURACTIV’s newsletter, but rebranded Media4Europe for the coming year, given the name of the launching event on November 19th, and the final event in September 2020, for the new programme Stars4media. New concepts, new battles, new projects…the end of 2019 is mirroring the rest of this exciting..

Launch of the Stars4Media programme – Innovate and upskill your team!

Press Release – Brussels, 21/11/2019 WHY: Addressing the crisis of the Media sector Disinformation disorder, falling trust and readership, unprecedented challenges in their business models, shifting skills and technology. The media sector is going through a deep multifaceted crisis. Solutions for a healthy media sector are still in the making. One thing is certain, they..

Commissioners and MEPs to cooperate around Media, Platforms & Democracy

Special issue: New European Commission & Hearings

OPINION: “Cooperation of four key Commissioners needed for healthy media, democracy”, on EURACTIV.com

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Media policy

European strategy for the media sector

The Open Letter reacting to the EU Action Plan on disinformation was co-signed by six MEPs and six independent media experts, and published in December 2018:

In 2018, Christophe Leclercq was one of the experts on the EU High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) on disinformation.

Read the report of the HLEG published in March 2018: “Final report of the High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Online Disinformation

You can also read this Opinion piece summarising the works of the EU High-Level Expert Group on disinformation (available in EN, FR, DE): Avoid censorship, dilute fake with quality news.