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Commissioners and MEPs to cooperate around Media, Platforms & Democracy

Special issue: New European Commission & Hearings

OPINION: “Cooperation of four key Commissioners needed for healthy media, democracy”, on EURACTIV.com

September Newsletter – THINK-and-DO-Tank: Media Policy & Innovative Projects to support Democracy

July Newsletter – EU New Priorities: Digital and Democracy to converge into industrial strategy for media and platforms

June Newsletter – After new MEPs election: creating a Media Intergroup

Dear  Friend, There will be no summer break for European policy-makers until decisions are made about EU top jobs and coalitions are formed. The European Parliament has already suffered a setback as the Spitzenkandidaten process has been trampled by heads of states. This has triggered an OpEd by Christophe Leclercq, founder of EURACTIV Media Network, calling MEPs to..

25th June event: “EU media sector needs a Marshall Plan, experts say”, by Antoine Germain | on EURACTIV.com

The policy forum “#Media4Democracy: A VP Democracy for Sound Platforms and Independent Media” was organised by Fondation EURACTIV, EU40, Future Media Lab. and Equinor in the European Parliament on 25 June 2019. It involved 10 speakers representing the EU institutions, the media sector, as well as associations and think-tanks: Strategy for media ecosystem 2019-2024, with..

Opinion Piece on EURACTIV.com : “MEPs: Demand VP Democracy, after Spitzenkandidaten setback”

  Last week’s Summit did not bode well for Parliament’s Spitzenkandidaten process of electing the next Commission President. However, before endorsing the final ‘ticket’ put in front of them, parliamentary groups can make coalition demands: a new top job could help, for healthy media and sound platforms. Christophe Leclercq founded the EURACTIV Media Network and the..

Press Release: #Media4Democracy networking event for MEPs

MEPs from different groups gather around media issues Europe’s Media Lab – #Media4Democracy – June 4th – Press release Fondation EURACTIV, in cooperation with EU40 hosted a first MEP networking event to gather interest for a Media Intergroup. Also, MEPs who worked towards a healthy media sector were awarded. Sound democracies need healthy media. It..

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Media policy

European strategy for the media sector 2019-2024

The Open Letter to the president of the European Commission is accessible at the links below. Six MEPs and six independent media experts co-signed it personally. The letter is a reaction to the EU Action Plan on disinformation published on December 5th, 2018:

Christophe Leclercq’s Op-Ed on how to support European media is available in EN, FR, DEAfter the copyright win, what strategy for Europe’s media sector?

In 2018, Christophe Leclercq was one of the experts on the EU High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) on disinformation set up by the Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.
He was also the rapporteur of the subgroup representing the press. Moreover, other subgroups gathered broadcasters, civil society, academics, and online platforms.

Read the report of the HLEG published in March 2018 here: “Final report of the High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Online Disinformation

You can also read the Opinion piece summarising the works of the EU High-Level Expert Group on disinformation (available in EN, FR, DE): Avoid censorship, dilute fake with quality news.