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The Stars4Media exchange programme for media professionals

The Stars4Media exchange programme aims at reinforcing the skills of media professionals. Moreover, it bridges between different European media to speed up innovation in the media sector.

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Challenges facing the media sector in Europe  

This project is responding to the needs identified by the #Media4EU research project. According to this analysis, media professionals often fail to communicate across “silos” (i.e. commercial, editorial, communication, social media, IT); but also, most importantly, they often fail to communicate across borders.

In particular, within most traditional media, top management lacks the skills to lead fast changes across editorial & commercial boundaries. Therefore, they need to deepen their social media knowledge and to support the shift towards online and events products.

European media networks have been created recently, but they often do not include a social media strategy and sustainable revenue models. Moreover, most media companies do not have enough resources to set up their own skill-building exchange and innovation programmes.

A solution to boost media innovation

Stars4Media will encourage innovation through skill-building activities between media outlets with a common interest. This project will deepen key skills, such as: use of social media, video pitch, reporting techniques, online advertising; as well as cooperation and negotiation with social media platforms, sponsoring, and public funding bidding.

The participants will be young media professionals (“rising stars”) from editorial, communication and commercial fields, with solid anchoring in their organisation. This exchange programme is divided into 5 steps:

  1. Creation of “thematic waves”: pairing media outlets around a common topic
  2. Pre-selection of the participants based on profiles and compatible ideas
  3. Match-making workshop to identify cooperative projects between paired media organisations
  4. Exchanges of media professionals between pairs of media outlets
  5. Development of innovation projects, sustainable business models, and follow-ups

This initiative was voted as a Pilot Project by the European Parliament into the 2018 and 2019 EU budgets (see the list of moral supports, including 15 MEPs).

What is a “thematic wave”?

A thematic wave is an exchange round focused on a specific topic. Paired media organisations will produce contents and develop projects around this topic.

Different thematic exchanges will bridge like-minded media, that is to say, media dealing with the same politics, same technology field, same target group or same topic. Moreover, each wave will concentrate on a specific area. Some key topics can be, for example, climate change, development policy, Eastern Europe, data and investigative journalism, etc.

Why sponsoring a thematic wave? What are the benefits for your organisation?

We also offer organisations and companies the opportunity to sponsor a thematic wave on a chosen topic or interest. Hence, you could finance one of the first waves, and become a pioneer. This could bring several benefits to your organisation, namely:

  • Increased visibility on key European media and awareness of your brand by exposing your logo in the published outputs
  • Promoting your topic in the European policy agenda
  • Reaching key target audiences: media professionals and policy makers
  • Supporting journalists that write on a given niche and thus ensure sustainable coverage of this topic

Media stakeholders and experts involved: see the list of supporters.